ALEXI$ vs the Afterlife

Alexis won't let anything stop her from becoming a rock star. Not even her own death.

I am currently seeking representation for my new manuscript, ALEXI$ vs the Afterlife: a 92,000-word YA paranormal. Its humor and supernatural world are similar to Ghostbusters, Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book, and Derek Landy's Skulduggery Pleasant series.

Alexis Appleton used to star on that TV show with the kid sorceress. But that was years ago. Today she's an obscure punk-rock guitarist struggling to break into the music biz. Just when her life hits rock bottom, she dies in a freak accident.

As a ghost, Alexis discovers our world is plagued with poltergeists—invisible paranormal monsters that attack the living. She meets three ghosts who were killed by poltergeists and now dedicate their afterlives to fighting them, using occult artifacts, steampunk technology, and good old-fashioned brawling. Alexis inadvertently destroys a poltergeist using magic spells from her old TV sitcom. Spells that, for some reason, actually work.

The ghosts demand Alexis join them in their centuries-old war. No way. Alexis wants no part of that. But when she realizes her magic could bring her back to life, she becomes committed to uncovering its secrets. As her powers grow, Alexis faces a tough decision: stay dead and protect the living from an invisible menace, or resurrect herself to the rock-star life she always dreamed of?

(Guitar art by Michael Greenholt.)
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