ALEXI$ vs the Afterlife

I am currently seeking representation for my new manuscript, ALEXI$ vs the Afterlife. It is a 92,500-word paranormal comedy for young adults.

Nobody remembers Alexis Appleton used to be famous. Today she's a nobody. Just a homeless gutter punk with a stolen guitar and a dream of rock-n-roll stardom.

Alexis channels her pain and passion into her music, attracting the attention of a big-shot concert promoter. He's putting on an epic arena show, and a last-minute cancelation has left a hole in the lineup. A hole he wants Alexis to fill.

Yes! It's her dream come true. But two days before the concert, a freak accident turns "living the dream" into "not living at all."

Alexis is now an invisible ghost, which is a pretty serious handicap to rocking out. Even worse, she gets attacked by a monster straight out of a rerun of That's My Boo. Remember that show? The sitcom with the tween sorceress who fought paranormal monsters?

Alexis remembers it. She played the tween sorceress.

Scared beyond rational thought, Alexis shouts her old catchphrase spell at the monster. And the monster explodes. Before she can even wipe off the guts, she's ambushed by three ghosts who claim her magic is the only thing that can stop a worldwide apocalypse of poltergeist monsters.

Wait. Hold up. Stop. Alexis is no magical savior. She's just a has-been actress and a wannabe musician. But when she realizes her unexplained powers could resurrect her in time for the concert, Alexis leads the ghosts on a madcap adventure to learn the secrets of her TV magic.

Oh, and maybe do that whole save-the-world thing, too.

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